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SanSoleil's Americana Collection is perfect for the upcoming Ryder Cup action.
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Ryder Cup 8.23.2023
900463 SolCool Long Sleeve Mock. Flag Day. White  (8)
900475 SanSoleil SolCool Long Sleeve Trim Mock. Draper
900722C SolCool Sleeveless Dress
900471 SanSoleil SolCool Sleeveless Mock. Flag Day. Navy - Red 20 (1)_clipped_rev_1
American Flag
900478 SanSoleil SolCool Short Sleeve Mock. Flag Day. Navy - Red (4)_clipped_rev_1
900207P SolStyle 17in Golf Skort. Flag Day. Navy  (4)
900471 SanSoleil SolCool Sleeveless Mock. Stars and Stipes (1)_clipped_rev_1
900207P SolStyle 17in Skort. Seeing Spots. Ink Navy - Red (2)
900722C SolStyle Cool Sleeveless Dress. Seeing Spot. INK (1)
900471 SolCool Sleeveless Mock. Seeing Spots. Ink Navy-Red  (3)
900463 SolCool Mock. Seeing Spots. Ink Navy Blue (2)
Ryder Cup 8.23.2023 suggested order

Ryder Cup Suggested order:

28 pieces ($1476)

Size Scale:

Six Pieces 1-2-2-1; 

Four Pieces 1-1-1-1

Receive Six Free Men’s Long Sleeve Polos with

Orders over 24 pieces, a $612 retail value!

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